Little Mother's Helper® is a cool deck of cards and app guiding modern mothers in the days, weeks + months following childbirth.




Little Mother's Helper®


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The deck isn't stacked against you

3 AM feeding or long day alone with baby? Little Mother’s Helper® is a beautifully designed deck of cards and app blending both the standard physiological happenings in a woman’s body after childbirth with a connection to the deeper pieces in her life.

After childbirth, most women get one check up at a week postpartum and one 5 weeks later. That’s it.

In between, women go through a gamut of emotional and physiological responses with nowhere to turn.

We are a companion with practical answers and real action, all wrapped up in juicy, good design that makes medicine meaningful. 

The cards cover topics specific for your health and healing after birth, like:


Boobs. Feeding. C-section healing & vag repairs. Sleep. In general. . . getting closer to feeling like yourself again.


Baby blues to PPD — true, evidence-based facts and tips on maternal mental health edited by two psychologists who specialize in the field.


Relationship and intimacy support. Every mom needs a wife — nuff said.


Mojo to trust your mama instincts (no matter what anyone says). Mini meditations for stress, exhaustion, self-esteem and the crazies — no woo-woo or religious beliefs required.


Actionable tips and tricks even your mama doesn’t know.

Spoken like a best friend who knows WTF they are talking about. Packed full of good, solid, real evidence–based information women need that’s way too hard to find in the sea of TMI online and in books that you're too exhausted to read right now.

Little Mother’s Helper® is on call anytime, with specific actions to help you feel better and heal body, mind, heart, and soul.