carson ellis poster for le oui

carson ellis poster for le oui

In cased you missed...

Jake making great signs. 

6-year old girls less likely than boys to attribute smarts to their own gender. 

Anti-abortion march happening today in DC, this is the 44th march.

The case against empathy.

A new movie to see, soon.

The shape-shifting army inside your cells..this is sciency and cool!

In case you wondered "WWSD" (that's Steve Jobs).

Sally came out with her new book this week on work and women. #spiritguide

Freaks about healthy guts and healthy bodies over here.

American child care is expensive, and unreliable. Kids and parents are paying a steep price.

Needing to understand Mike Pence more? We were...

Turned this up this week. 

Who is raising this boy? Love him.

The Netherlands had a message for the US.

Because. Why not!? 


This for sure or that mmm yes! Way into the Vit C and D right now. 

Ok, love hard this weekend. Every minute of it.





w"It's time that we stop calling each other names and start trying to have those conversations."
- Dre Johnson • Blackish


A must watch episode for everyone. Really. Watch it all. 

If you missed this one on miscarriage.

Men can ― and should ― be feminists.

Because, boobs.

Sister to sister.

Change is hard. Make small steps.

We hear this is a good book. Have you read?

Happiness and the good life

Millennial? Thinking about retirement? Pay off debt, first. Then, save harder.

Empathy. Empathy. Empathy.

This is your brain on selfies.

Oh Pope Francis, we heart you! (•)(•)

Bake this.

Slap some mayo on the outside before grilling - best ever!

If you're off the sauce this month, drink up.

House favorite bone broth recipe.

Loving this podcast. Honest. Necessary. 

Review of the Week:
"I received LMH as a gift right after I came home from the hospital, but I pushed it off to the side. Because, I almost felt euphoric. I had all sorts of energy and it was like I knew the crash was coming, but I didn't want to admit it. I kept it on my counter, and I'd see this really cute packaging. It popped out at me every time I passed by. I knew that it would tell me all the real stuff about my health and would help me, and that terrified me. When I finally opened it a few weeks later, LMH was everything I needed. It's beautiful, incredibly helpful, it is way more informative than I ever imagined. It is so good. I love it." 

If you have a review of LMH - constructive or rave - we will take it and start publishing them here. Please send your review to hello@littlemothershelper.com. Keep it tight. 

Stay warm this weekend! And, have a good time. We love you!




Well, yesterday was my 41st birthday. I let self-care consume me along with a heap of love from my people near and far. And, many of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up, sharing, asking your questions, becoming my friends and community, and for sharing some of your most vulnerable stories with me. Your attention is everything!

There are things in the works for 2017, and I will be really transparent about them as they come into crystal focus. Until they do, let's ride into another Wkndr!

Love you so big,

No boys allowed! 

A refreshing and helpful post from Kate and her team about early motherhood and the postpartum life.

Why inclusion is imperative for the workforce.

Kindness rewards the giver.

Alexa? Your thoughts? Yesterday, Google knew it was my birthday...the logo was birthday candles...and my arm hairs went up...when compared with my friends at dinner, they had the basic logo. That was weird...or not.

Fascinating take on "wellness" culture.

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar!!!

Do you use retinoid

Best horoscopes ever.

One woman to listen to and understand. 

More companies digging on expanding parental leave.

The power of place and how it keeps us healthy! Tap into it.

Things for dudes.

My favorite cake

I substitute the seltzer water with 7Up and replace sugar with simple syrup. Srsly tho. The Best!

That's it. I hope you feel love that makes you feel strong and solid this weekend. Until next week! 😘

Wkndr ✨ Merry and Bright

"We should be kind while there is still time." 

When you thought you were losing your marbles during pregnancy, new research tells us that pregnancy changes the brain in ways to help mothering.

The women's march is happening, permits and all, in DC on Jan 21st. There are sister marches all over the country if you cannot attend.

Moms who win the dough, now more than ever becoming the U.S. norm. 

Still praising IKEA's new parental policy. Oh, MMM (aka 3M) just maverick'd their own policy. Great holiday gifts for their employees!

The 'Mayor of Dunkins' 🙌🏼

Talking about how to fight the "motherhood penalty" a lot lately in meetings. Here's how.

Made this nog, but folded in stiff egg whites and used bourbon, rum, and amaro (aka fernet) before setting out to chill (temp must be below 20 degrees to set outside btw) for 48 hrs.

Going with this bowl next week to let the gut get back to normal.

Solange lit it up on Fallon. 

If this doesn't make you move and groove and giggle...this is for you bad bitches!

Have you worn these?

Airports are cleaning up their eating act! Finally travel done well. 

If you've got extra funds to donate before year end, please give to these organizations:
Planned Parenthood
Saving Mothers
the list can go on and on and on. Where are you giving a little extra this year?

Hope you had a magical and release-filled Solstice. Have a lovely and merry Christmas or Hanukkah this weekend! 

Sending you love, light, kindness, peace, hearty laughter, and rest.
All of us

Open Up, and Run Into It

I was reading about a woman who was part of a cancer trial micro-dosing with Psilocybin to alleviate anxiety and PTSD a few weeks ago. Her "guides" (that is the word Johns Hopkins used) at one point suggested if she experienced fear or an image she didn't like during her 'creative experience' she needed to try to, "Open up and run into it." Exactly...

These directions made me reflect on the year. This day. One where when we have little access to light in the northern hemisphere, and so much access to the dark. One we can move through with awareness. A day where we can turn our attention on, and focus, and, gain clarity.

So, open up.

Reflect - what is transitioning in your life? Where are you transforming? Is there a new project?Something ending? New beginnings? Relationships changing and evolving?

What is moving? What is grooving? Can you open up to the dark, but not get attached?

Think big. See big. You're likely sliding into some time off during the holidays so give yourself some time to sit in the dark, in reflection.

And, then, run into it. 

What is in there? What are the feels? The words? The energy? Capture it in your body and your mind and your heart. 

Trust your guides.

I'll tell you this, these six words have been extremely helpful for me in my own reflection of the past year. There was so much shifting for me, and this business, the past 365 days. A year ago today, we completed the shipping of LMH to all of our Kickstarter backers. It was monumental for me, it meant beginning again.

I had no clue what 2016 would become, even though business wise I had the structure of a business plan and some simple financials. There were so many twists and turns over the year, and recently I was able to feel really proud of the work I'd put into exposing LMH to many health systems, practitioners, women and mothers and fathers and cousins, as well as large employers and insurance companies. The running finally caught up within me, and I was surprised. 

Surprised for the mileage covered in 2016. It's been intense, wild, and wonderful. Hard and rewarding work. Work I felt proud of just a couple weeks ago as I finished a pitch for a big company here in Minneapolis. 

Full disclosure - the next two months will be everything for The Mother Love (our mother business), the Little Mother's Helper tribe (our products), and our viability. I'll let you know how the running turns out.

Back to today. The winter solstice for those of us above the equator.

Some of you may feel pulled backwards as women, right now. But listen - we are all going to have to 'open up and run into it' in the coming years.

For many of us who have been fighting for women's health, the privilege to vote in a country we love and adore, and have been encouraged to live independently from men (even while and when we love them, share our lives with them, they put a ring on it, we pop out babies together, and snuggle at night) - we are going to have to run into that darkness to get to more light. Hand and hand. Arm and arm.

Linked together, not just in. 

So, as we collectively and consciously sit in the dark together tonight (or in the light you southern hemispherians) - let's find our way to one another energetically. Walk aside one another and put out high vibes for yourself and your life first, then let that mojo spread out deep and wide to whomever and wherever you want it to go. 

This is the magic in days like today, a beautiful and power Solstice. We have more access to something bigger than ourselves. 

Use that power and access for the very best. Open up, and run into it.

Love you BIG, Happy Solstice to all!


"the spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows."
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Tina Fey is our parenting spirit guide this week.

Have you listened to Nora yet? 

An intellectual conversation between two men worth watching or listening.

More than a few successful women invested in this tampon company.

What do y'all think about Revolar for your kids? Would you buy it?

Instagram Live launched this week - we will be using it for Q+A's and more. Stoked!

For those of you struggling through winter and Raynaud's.

The songs that taught us to fight back this year.

Movies for postpartum depression...How it worked for one mom.

There is magic in running - neuroscientists finally explain what we've been feeling all these years.

We love brave, astonishing women who build movements and things.

Got stainless steel in your kitchen? This is the stuff.

Sipping to boost gut health this week.

And, eating these (minus the bread crumbs and add these on top).

Swinging to these beats.

Oh...and the interactions between exercise and immunity are more intricate than suspected.

Enjoy the rush of holiday pleasure this weekend! 
Good Luck + Have Fun ❤

Running Deep with Strong Female Ties

“Did you know that Grandma Jean died?” my nearly four-year-old niece asked my dad and Thanksgiving dinner this year. Grandma Jean was my mom, my dad’s wife and the love of his life who had passed away five years earlier.

 “Yes, I did know that,” he replied, and our meal carried on as though she had simply asked if someone could fill her water cup or if we knew that cranberries were red. Later that evening, my mother’s passing came up again.

“Momma, if Grandma Jean died, that means you don’t have a momma,” my niece said to my sister at bedtime. “That’s right, sweet girl,” my sister replied, tears welling in her eyes.

“But that’s not fair. Everybody needs a momma,” that little girl replied quietly.

Yes, my darling niece. Everybody needs a momma.

My family is generations deep with strong female ties. My mother was one of five daughters and two sons in her family. I have (or had) more great aunts on my mother’s side than I can count. And the girl cousins? We run thick in numbers as well.

Our only brother has three sisters. My sister has two daughters, I’m pregnant with my second girl. To say that our family knows a thing or two about raising women would be an understatement. But we aren’t just raising women as individuals.

The women in our family, we’re more than just related by blood. We’re a tribe.

Years before mom died she instituted an annual Girls’ Weekend. Mom and her sisters, their stepmother (who was adopted by our family as one of our own) and all of the female children on that side get together once a year for a long weekend in one of our hometowns. We don’t do much, really. We just…descend.

We arrive to the host making food for everyone and we promptly plop ourselves on sofas and kitchen chairs, conversing around meals as women in our family have done for centuries. It is in these very kitchens that we have passed down family recipes, shared dreams and goals, and had dance parties we didn’t know to be possible. It is when we are with each other that we can truly be ourselves.

Each day we find ourselves mixed into life in a new way. Our host gets to play tour guide. The elder women get to be child-like again while the younger women stretch themselves and try on the role of caregiver or planner or quiet observer.

These weekends are magical in their own quiet way. Over glasses of wine at night and pancakes in the morning, we discover each other as we discover ourselves. Mothers and aunts become friends and confidants. Cousins become sisters. Sisters become lifelines. In our own way, we break down the barriers of what it means to be a “mom”, a “sister”, a “cousin”. When we are together we are mighty – we turn toward each other and hold down the parts that need holding while lifting up the parts that need new life. At Girls’ Weekend, we each play a part in every role, redefining ourselves along the way.

Because, yes, everyone needs a momma. They just might not know who that momma is in every moment.

As the weekends too quickly come to a close and we part ways once more, there are often mutterings of “I wish every family could have this” and “why don’t we do this more often?”. We return home to our families, our jobs, our daily responsibilities. We look at our small daughters and think, “You are a smart woman to have chosen this family. There’s so much to learn here.”

Generations of women in our family come together to just be, and that simple act shapes the very future of the women yet to come.

As I tuck my eldest into bed while the baby girl inside me kicks and punches away, I find myself grateful to be raising two women in this world. While my father will just have to wait a while longer for that grandson he dreams of, I am proud to raise the next generation of thoughtful, strong, resilient, caring, powerful, funny, honest, and wise women right alongside my sisters and my cousins.

It takes generations of women to get to where we’re going. And I’m beyond grateful for the generations of women I get to call “mine”.

Val Geisler is a writer who stands up for the overwhelmed, tired, and lost who feel like there has to be a better way… and there is. She is committed to diving deep into how to do less better and releasing of the “shoulds” of the world so you can let go and focus on what matters most to you and let the rest go. You can find her at www.valgeisler.com


"I like people with depth. I like people with emotion. I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also someone that can make me smile."
- Abbey Lee Kershaw


Chelsea, can we be friends?

You're the 'Ultimate Efficiency Hack'! Rock on, mama.

But, you higher earners, you're getting socked...

Take the local.

Ikea just upped the Paid Leave game for U.S. companies...across the board.

Quiet education revolutions.

'It’s all about women helping women helping babies'...a girl gang we want in on!

Major crush on Trevor for the work he's doing rn...and just in general.

This study found our kids are among the least fit in the world...and income inequality has something to do with it.

Since we're on our kids, the future of work.

Ivanka is coming over to the green side. We need you girl!

This protein powder is our new go-to.

If you've got boobs, favorite bra in the world. 

Best undies if you pee a little when you run or workout. But you really should see a pelvic floor PT.

We're eating.

And, drinking

While listening...sort of. Come on. 

"Just open up and walk right in." Such good advice. 

Have a expansive and fun weekend. Keep playing - it is theme of December.

All love surround,
Team TML