Little Mother's Helper®

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Little Mother's Helper®


Little Mother's Helper®: A Postpartum Health Companion.

Your guide for body, mind, heart, and soul in the days, weeks, and months following childbirth.

LMH® is here to answer your most important questions using evidence-based information from a variety of health fields: midwifery, obstetrics, functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, mental health, meditation, psychology, sociology, and women’s health physical therapy. 

The deck contains 58, 3"x5" cards filled with useful health information, actionable tips, soul food and bright design easy to gift to modern mothers.

This little deck of cards holds some magic. They contain the information and help to make you feel whole again and get beyond your doubts during the early months of having a new baby.

Whether your first or your fourth, LMH® will give you the tools you need to feel good in your life with what is going on. 

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Because LMH is living content, we are in the process of updating to v2.0 right now. We will have a fresh look and new decks available soon. 

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