Becca Egbert, founder, CEO

Becca has spent the past 18 years focusing on women’s and maternal health, and building small businesses. As a midwife, educator, and entrepreneur, she views social and business challenges in a fresh way while developing creative solutions. She brings an intuitive and human-centered approach to her work. What keeps her going every single day is the focused vision and drive to leave maternal and postpartum care better than she found it. 

Maddy Nye, Visual + Product Design

Maddy is the magic maker. With a background in design, illustration, and sustainability, she makes a cool stationery collection called Yours Madly while creating amazing product designs for companies like, Target, and
Design Love Fest.

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That's what she said

Little Mother's Helper is a way to bring evidence-based health information to our patients in a fun, unique and different way.
- Andrea Winter, Park Nicollet Health Partners, Sr. Director of Women's and Children's Strategy

The Little Mother's Helper decks are my favorite gift for my new mom friends. While the cards are full of really helpful information for new moms, what I really love is the conversations that the deck starts.  When I give LMH, it's a way of saying to my friend--hey, you can talk to me about any of this stuff too.  It's made us all feel more connected. 
- Brandi

LMH is changing the way we get our health information. - Elise

When my midwife gave them to me I was like, "What are these beautiful things!! - Jamie