children must be taught how to think, not what to think. - margaret mead

Every woman needs to watch Michelle's speech, no matter what our political views. For our little girls, their value as human beings, dreams and aspirations and how it's affecting men and boys.

Kelly Oxford, you are our spirit guide made massive ripples online.

This boy blew our minds on Monday. Beautiful, beautiful boy.

Funny woman Casey Wilson talks about mothering without a mother on TLST.

Time to build your gut microbiome (and use end of garden season veggies) with this simple fermentation recipe.

The cake most loved by Rebecca's southern family members. They put bananas between the layers as well as frosting - delish!

He was warned, but didn't listen. Trump picked a fight with Queen Bey, and the Hive unleashed!

And a ton of men were offended by his comments and protective of daughters, everywhere.

You are with the bande.

Generation Adderall is a must read.

Because dads change diapers too.

Rebecca could NOT put this one down. Highly recommends!

Drinks please! Warm the cockles of your heart.

We melt over a good birth story...

And learn so much about real evidence-based care from someone who practices it holistically and with a big heart everyday. 

Listen to this magic and have a fun weekend.
Big love!