You're a "Nasty Woman" and you know it. 👊🏼

Oh yes yes yes yes yes Alaska Airlines

Let's quit fearing stress and change our minds (click on episode "Change Your Mind (Stress)").

We're on a tear to keep learning about compound interest and be wicked smart with our monies.

Plus, Snap has it's eye on going public. Get ready, women!

We are very obsessed with the gut microbiome after learning more recently. Drink this!

Jen and I get pretty raw, honest and vulnerable about life, love, loss, motherhood, her mental mood disorder after giving birth, running businesses, and intuition in this interview.

In love with this show. You?

The hidden benefits of not taking a compliment. 

This lit our hearts up (and made us cheer) when we read the title. Thanks, auntie! 

No kidding. It's time.

OMG...EAT this

Drink this - Carla ruled the roost with her Bone Broth recipe and story this week.

Now, grab your lover, turn this on, and unwind with a little slow dance. Turn the love-light on.

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