Did you miss the "Pregnancy Box Experience"? Um yeah, we did too...

We learned how to heal postpartum anxiety with food from Amy.

What it looks like when Capital Hillz friends watched the debate last week. #wingwomenforlyfe

This incredible organization wants to teach your daughter about fun financial education...and they use cards too. Go experiential education!

Amy's post talked about some herbs for postpartum healing, here's Rebecca's favorite store on the planet to buy your herbs.

Want someone else to prep your meals for you and deliver them to you? So did Ashly. Her motto is, "Motherfood made easy." #wearein

Optimize your body with an ideal food plan for ONLY you, based from your saliva and DNA. It's way smart!

Our friend, Jessica Shortall, spoke about the other work she does in Texas earlier this week as the managing Director of Texas Competes. If you don't know yet, this week 200 small businesses in Texas signed an open letter to state lawmakers urging them to oppose legislation limiting transgender bathroom access. Have a listen to her conversation here

We like to kick the shit out of Option B, too. Watch all of it!

This might be the best outdoor gear this winter. High tech, stellar style. Take it from Rebecca, our team mountain-woman and trail runner. We ♡ it!

For you single moms and single ladies - you're not alone.

Fascinating piece on the end of adolescence

Drink this. 

The BEST seasonal eats ever! So good.

When this song hits 4:45 minutes, turn it up and rock out! Ride into the weekend with one.

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