A little collection of our week, and what we're up to this weekend. Culture, life, heartstrings pulled, and love. We hope you enjoy it!

Solange blew our minds...You will need this album in your repertoire.

Best horoscopes for the week, if you ask us.

We will keep watching Easy this weekend. 

This post tugged our heart-strings

The reality of this post is too real for many mothers. 

This investment platform is genius, and designed to help women thrive financially. 

Did you love Friday Night Lights? We did too. 

There's no global warming or climate change?? This documentary is proving them all wrong.

What we're eating this weekend. 

What we will be mixing and drinking.

What we're pouring over our salads, our meats, and even maybe our ice cream.

If you're in Minneapolis, this is something cool to do on Saturday. 

Have fun, good luck! Talk to you Monday