"Never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it." - HRC

Wednesday was hard for more than half of the country and the popular vote. Really hard, and really sad. But, it's going to be okay.

If you're wondering what Women's Health Care will look like now, so do we. 

Hillary is an incredibly generous woman. Listen to her words when moving forward.

MN, you still make me really proud to elect the first Somali-American woman legislator!

This is the coolest thing ever for those of you who travel a lot on planes and trains.

Soul has power. Its light cannot remain unseen forever.

Inclusive culture and paid family leave. How it is impacting one business.

We open our hearts to women.

And, still we rise.

Lets watch this and see how love changes our brains.  

If you procrastinate, too. 

Eat these if you're hungry. #comfortfood

Mazel Tov!

Going to town on this knitting project this weekend.

Good juju for your heart. We will tear down walls

We want to take some time to tell you what we've been seeing and hearing from you. Your love and responses of the election with your little humans and all the big conversations you've had this week - I am proud of you, Mother Lovers! 

Talk about incredible levels of empathy your kids have (yes, we're watching on your experiences closely) and that you have. To help them process is no easy feat, but you're doing it!

From a teenage son to his cancer having mother, "Mom, I got you...I love you...I mean, I really got you." #heartstrings

May you feel proud of the kids you're raising, and trust they will be better leaders because of you. Keep holding their hearts, boys and girls.

Have a soulful weekend!