"Motherhood for me was at first a kind of displacement. It forced me, at least partially, into a secondary position in my own life. Even the simple biological recognition that my daughter is on the way in and I am unavoidably on the way out. And time-wise, it made me very impatient of wasting any. Even my sentences have the stench of motherhood upon them. I haven’t the time for elaborate metaphors! I want to get to the point — to be understood." - Zadie Smith


Already talking about that detox you're doing next week - do this clean program. It's easy to use.

Easiest guide for not busting a gut this holiday season is this app.

If you're breastfeeding, then fill it up - one can help milk production. And ps...don't try to lose weight while you're breastfeeding.  

Why your boss or CEO needs to care about employee mental health.

Why half of the 60 largest U.S. companies won't talk about their paid family leave policies.

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Kids are asking Trump to be kind.

Muslim Girl's subscription box drops today! The goal is to curate products that are reflective of Muslim women in today's world, including things like pepper spray and safety tips, as well as a handwritten love note. 

These books teach your kids about empathy and being kind to each other.

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Peeling back these pages

Grubbing on simple things today. And, this...OMG, yum!

Ways to not get sick while we hit the travel season. Yes please. 

Will always Buddha Out from now on.

This workout has been Rebecca's religion for strength training coupled with TT moves.

Binged on these Good Girls.

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Love us some Kosas

Want a real insider scoop to a ski trip in Montana? Go here. POW!

Wear these guys while you're at it. 

Play these beats later in the evening, when the kids are in bed.

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