Rebecca is part of this incredible Fourth Trimester Summit beginning on November 9th. Over 40 speakers, check it out and attend! 

How to talk to your daughter about her body. 

The US election is almost here. But really, let's start acting from a place of 'decency' already! (👂 to #61) 

Men are opting out of the new male birth control citing mood swings.

Doctors have a lot to learn from traditional medicine and healers.

Guys! This movie

WTF! Every time we see something about violence against women our mouths still drop to the floor. #notokay

On being a muslim child during the 2016 election. 

Knitting can teach you something about parenting! Love.

For you Mother Lovers with new businesses. Must read!

Cold season is here. There is a difference between working out and physically moving your body with a cold. Let your immune system be your guide. Super informative read! 

Bitter is the new black.

Warm up with this soup.

Carla's self-full-mama challenge starts next week. Ease + food...you know you need it!

This is a stellar cold formula to snap any cold at onset. 

Best little lullaby to play to your love, or your kids.

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