"the spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows."
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Tina Fey is our parenting spirit guide this week.

Have you listened to Nora yet? 

An intellectual conversation between two men worth watching or listening.

More than a few successful women invested in this tampon company.

What do y'all think about Revolar for your kids? Would you buy it?

Instagram Live launched this week - we will be using it for Q+A's and more. Stoked!

For those of you struggling through winter and Raynaud's.

The songs that taught us to fight back this year.

Movies for postpartum depression...How it worked for one mom.

There is magic in running - neuroscientists finally explain what we've been feeling all these years.

We love brave, astonishing women who build movements and things.

Got stainless steel in your kitchen? This is the stuff.

Sipping to boost gut health this week.

And, eating these (minus the bread crumbs and add these on top).

Swinging to these beats.

Oh...and the interactions between exercise and immunity are more intricate than suspected.

Enjoy the rush of holiday pleasure this weekend! 
Good Luck + Have Fun ❤