"People grow when they are loved well. If you want to help others heal, love them without an agenda." - Mike McHargue


Women, Unite!

Take the higher road, in December. Must read horoscope!

We love Louisiana, and the senate race there is BIG time right now. Heads up! 

Yass, Delta. Yaaaas.

A letter from a mother I love and respect to her daughter, Kitty. Choose expansiveness.

How this therapist is treating trauma post Trump election.

A new study uncovers some women fear giving birth, and the healthcare system is to blame.

Incredible footage that captures forgotten black activism from the U.S civil rights movement.

Thank GOD for Drunk History

Watch the Midwives of Standing Rock. Bless!

Some mental health truth for entrepreneur Mother Lovers.

Build it your way. 

Cool quick awareness practice of sensing your body. 

R's favorite sheets on the planet.

"I’ll tell them that on January 20, 2017, I refused to be afraid and that I refused to be silent."

Super easy ways to reduce inflammation.

Ponche Navideño is a hit.

We're grubbing on cake, again.

Ka-ma-la. Ka-ma-la. Ok ok ok...be present.

With that, we love you. Have a sweet weekend!