w"It's time that we stop calling each other names and start trying to have those conversations."
- Dre Johnson • Blackish


A must watch episode for everyone. Really. Watch it all. 

If you missed this one on miscarriage.

Men can ― and should ― be feminists.

Because, boobs.

Sister to sister.

Change is hard. Make small steps.

We hear this is a good book. Have you read?

Happiness and the good life

Millennial? Thinking about retirement? Pay off debt, first. Then, save harder.

Empathy. Empathy. Empathy.

This is your brain on selfies.

Oh Pope Francis, we heart you! (•)(•)

Bake this.

Slap some mayo on the outside before grilling - best ever!

If you're off the sauce this month, drink up.

House favorite bone broth recipe.

Loving this podcast. Honest. Necessary. 

Review of the Week:
"I received LMH as a gift right after I came home from the hospital, but I pushed it off to the side. Because, I almost felt euphoric. I had all sorts of energy and it was like I knew the crash was coming, but I didn't want to admit it. I kept it on my counter, and I'd see this really cute packaging. It popped out at me every time I passed by. I knew that it would tell me all the real stuff about my health and would help me, and that terrified me. When I finally opened it a few weeks later, LMH was everything I needed. It's beautiful, incredibly helpful, it is way more informative than I ever imagined. It is so good. I love it." 

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Stay warm this weekend! And, have a good time. We love you!