carson ellis poster for le oui

carson ellis poster for le oui

In cased you missed...

Jake making great signs. 

6-year old girls less likely than boys to attribute smarts to their own gender. 

Anti-abortion march happening today in DC, this is the 44th march.

The case against empathy.

A new movie to see, soon.

The shape-shifting army inside your cells..this is sciency and cool!

In case you wondered "WWSD" (that's Steve Jobs).

Sally came out with her new book this week on work and women. #spiritguide

Freaks about healthy guts and healthy bodies over here.

American child care is expensive, and unreliable. Kids and parents are paying a steep price.

Needing to understand Mike Pence more? We were...

Turned this up this week. 

Who is raising this boy? Love him.

The Netherlands had a message for the US.

Because. Why not!? 


This for sure or that mmm yes! Way into the Vit C and D right now. 

Ok, love hard this weekend. Every minute of it.