Well, yesterday was my 41st birthday. I let self-care consume me along with a heap of love from my people near and far. And, many of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up, sharing, asking your questions, becoming my friends and community, and for sharing some of your most vulnerable stories with me. Your attention is everything!

There are things in the works for 2017, and I will be really transparent about them as they come into crystal focus. Until they do, let's ride into another Wkndr!

Love you so big,

No boys allowed! 

A refreshing and helpful post from Kate and her team about early motherhood and the postpartum life.

Why inclusion is imperative for the workforce.

Kindness rewards the giver.

Alexa? Your thoughts? Yesterday, Google knew it was my birthday...the logo was birthday candles...and my arm hairs went up...when compared with my friends at dinner, they had the basic logo. That was weird...or not.

Fascinating take on "wellness" culture.

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar!!!

Do you use retinoid

Best horoscopes ever.

One woman to listen to and understand. 

More companies digging on expanding parental leave.

The power of place and how it keeps us healthy! Tap into it.

Things for dudes.

My favorite cake

I substitute the seltzer water with 7Up and replace sugar with simple syrup. Srsly tho. The Best!

That's it. I hope you feel love that makes you feel strong and solid this weekend. Until next week! 😘