7 Ways To Move Forward and Get Unstuck


The new moon over the weekend was a pretty potent celestial event, marking new beginnings. As I dug deeper into some of my favorite astrology blogs, I learned the new moon in Aries was all about looking forward, committing to growth, and an opportunity to write a new story. One that doesn’t include your past, especially if it’s keeping you stagnant and stuck. 

The big guidance I also received for the next 4 weeks is to keep our bodies moving. Being active and physical is key! If you feel a little stuck in the physical body and exercise routine as Spring begins, remember: 

  • Get outside! Exercise and sweat - burn out the physical unrest in your body. 20-30 minutes of a hard sweat will keep you calm. Shoot for a daily Rx of exercise!
  • Do some different activities like gardening that help cultivate your living environment.
  • Go to bed by 9pm and get up earlier than your family, so you can burn some fire with exercise. 
  • Commit to new habits that fuel your body and soul. 
  • Eat clean and ditch the daily glass of wine for a week.
  • If you feel anxious and exhausted, every single day, seek out further screening with your provider for thyroid issues, vitamin D deficiency, or blood sugar issues. Or, begin to work with a Mental Health Therapist to help move through your blocks. There is no shame in either choice.
  • Ease your nervous system with acupuncture, meditation, yoga, or massage.

You can work yourself into overwhelm even when you have tools right in front of you. The crux is using the tools daily, and creating little rituals that make big impacts in how you bounce back (#resilience) day to day.

Let’s face it. You don’t have time to sit and spin on what to do to take care of your body. The easiest way to get moving forward is to just start. Go back to that class you love, or that trainer that helped you before. It’s your choice to get moving and you’re the only one who can do the work for YOU. So, take baby-steps each day…Your own baby-steps. 

Now it’s your turn, and this is a two part question: 1) What did you commit to this weekend? Consciously or unconsciously? 2) Tell me one physical action you'll take this week (or in the next month) to feel good (or really good) in your body? Share your thoughts below.

Hope you have a great week, discover something new you love about your body, and enjoy this new beginning!