A bio.

If you don't really know who I am, this will give you a little insight to me. This is the recent bio I wrote for Seth Godin's altMBA I'm taking right now. I want to share it with you too. 

Rebecca Egbert was almost born in a garbage can on the passenger side of a green Fiat 40 years ago. When she was born a quick 10 minutes later, in the LnD ward, she took her first breath then peed on the doctor. This was the story she would hear over and over again as she grew up. Eventually, the infusion of stories about medicine and women’s health inspired her Midwifery career.
Often being told she has the energy of 7 people, hard work is part of her cellular body. After starting many businesses, then trying to work for some people too, Rebecca committed deeply to her entrepreneurial and innovative spirit deciding to take a giant leap away from clinical care, into the healthcare education and tech world.
With a hit of intuition and playful communication, Rebecca and her team at The Mother Love create meaningful, fun, and approachable self-care tools that are designed to be used, most importantly, and shared to grow strong women, healthy families, and connected communities.
When you ask a friend about Rebecca, they’ll tell you she is committed to connection, goes the extra mile, bringing humor and laughter to tricky situations, and that somehow in all of her listening she can hear from the inside out helping them make proactive strides in the right direction for growth in their own lives…and, she loves really big.
In her short 40 years, she’s lost loves she never imagined to lose so early and is also surrounded with a glorious family that lights up the universe. She’s scaled and descended many mountains, and feels most at home in them while running. At the end of everyday, Rebecca is grateful and celebrates life like a good Cajun daughter.

If you have questions or want to know more, please ask. 

Love you all, mean it.