A Little Love from The Mother Love

Take a leap, it’s the first step in falling in love - with yourself, a new job, your love again, anything that you “begin again.” 

If you’re afraid to tell your story, because shame surrounds your expression or story - find someone who makes you feel safe and tell them your story.  

If you feel alienated and only like you can share your beautiful self - jump in and show us the messy side of you, we will catch you. 

We’re missing out on something, Mother Lovers, when we hide our true stories. I’m learning this every day, as I continue to project myself further into the world after being buried deep in the mountains of Montana, Colorado and Oregon for most of my 20's and 30's. It was easy to hide and see it as enough, but something pulled me to reach further and grow.  

If there’s one action you’ll take this week, it’s to show up and show yourself to the world in a brave and courageous way. That you'll do the work, in whatever way is right for you, that helps you quiet the noise in your head and release some of the overwhelm.  

Taking action and showing up for yourself leads you down a trail of deeper confidence, one you'll teach kids to hold in their own lives. It's always a good thing to be a courageous woman, children will thank you when they're adults - no matter what issues come up for them (or you) in life. They will have a tool kit that they use, because you taught them well. 

Give yourself some good love this weekend. We are here to catch you.