A wild woman and her body


The beautiful, wild woman in the picture above is Greer. Last week, she posted this photo on IG and mentioned her struggle with adrenal fatigue. We know each other well, so when spiritual health popped into my mind after seeing the picture I knew it was time to talk about the spiritual body. 

The cellular body. The energetic body. The body that is often pushed way off to the side by conventional medicine. However, with functional medicine becoming quite popular these days in modern health care, I think we're going to be talking more freely about spiritual health.

But before that happened, and on the same day, I saw one of the most beautiful love letters ever, Denali, a video created by a friend of a friend. It's a love letter to him from his dog.

Ok, first off. I'm a friggen sucker for dogs, and love, and the ultimate loyal love a four legged animal offers us incredibly wired, overthinking humans. Second, I watched this video before coffee and it set the mood for the day. A mood that would be light, focused, healing, true and honest, and at best filled with soul. It was a day I would be reminded of the human spirit and how it's affected by our state of health. 

What I've learned from functional medicine is not only do we need to look at the outer shell and body, but it's necessary to go within and "examine" the cellular body. When it comes to adrenal fatigue and the spiritual body, it's really important to:

1. Take care of your nervous system.

There are so many ways to take care of the nervous system. Eating a clean diet, one that helps you shift your hormones postnatally. Taking the right supplements for a rattled nervous system, such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, DHA, Rhodiola, Magnesium, and B-vitamins. 

Other ways: meditation, acupuncture, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, massage, surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh and have fun, making love, and living with purpose. Yep, living with purpose helps calm and ease your nervous system.

Be ever mindful of your nervous system...make it mantra like.

2. Understand that the state of your health can affect our essence. 

This might be a little far out, so bear with me. By essence, I mean, who you are in your heart, in your truth, in your strongest voice, to your wisest measure. You, at your deepest point and what it feels like when you express it outward into the world around you. That is essence.

When you feel like crap, and your physical body is compromised, it's hard to gain access to your spirit, your heart, your essence. It's hard to feel good, have joy, or even love the work you do. It's hard, because the chemicals that need to shunt hormonally might be over or under active. If you're working with a physician, nurse, or another health care provider who knows about adrenal fatigue, remember that your healing process will take time and be patient with yourself. Soften into yourself. Be kind to yourself.

These are essential qualities of healing.

3. Do the impossible for a mom with little ones: get some serious sleep. 

This one's going to be the toughest to coordinate, but it's really what needs to happen. We women don't let things like this happen too often. The longer I work with perinatal and postnatal health, I believe little breaks for sleep is a practice we need to consider more wholeheartedly and without having mommy guilt. 

If your worked, and there's a chance you can catch a 48-hour "sleepcation" where you have three objectives: sleep, eat light, and take care of your nervous system, these short windows of time will help you go the distance. It will be huge replenishment for your spiritual health and body. It's everything!

Now, you. What is one thing you miss that feeds your soul and you're not making time for currently? What action will you take this week to bring it back into your life? Let me know!

As I used to say back in the day, walk in good medicine! I hope you have a lovely, energetic, and really good week.