All The Shit We Do

Ok...If your days are anything like mine, which I know they are, then by 6 pm you most likely feel pretty exhausted from all the energy you expend; and if you could, you'd love to boss your spouse around with chores to do for the whole night. However, that is not really an option because y'all are both scaled with responsibilities.

Do you ever feel like the responsibilities pile up on top of you and start adding weight to your life? Or conversely, you can't seem to keep the weight on because your stress is so high that it's actually affected your physiology and health. 

Well darlin', you're not alone. I've been having a bunch of conversations with mommas lately about how we carry weight in our bodies, cellularly - and how this ultimately affects our physical health. 

What really brought this up to my surface was the laundry list of things I did in one day. I got less than normal amounts of sleep the night prior. My day began at 6 am and ended well beyond a normal quitting hour. Sure, I can get up from my day and desk and go for a run, mow the lawn, fix the lawn-mower, or go grab a cup of coffee with a friend easily, because I work for myself and have that freedom. 

Truth be told, most of my momma friends get worn out by just watching me operate and function. So, as I was washing nettles from my arm (like a surgeon, nonetheless) after dealing with a bum spark plug on the lawn mower, I zoned out from the day and said, "Man, all the shit we do...everyday." It is truly a wonder that more women ages 29-45 are not lying in hospital beds being treated for extreme adrenal fatigue and burnout with the amount we do, commit to, expect ourselves to do, etc. 

Truly, we have to learn how to delegate better and ease up on our lives. This week, I want you to do some work: 

1. I want you to map out 4 days of your life, including 2-weekend days. Just you and what you do. If you want your partner to see what their life is like, have them map theirs out as well.  

2. Once the 4-days are up, I want you to do a high-frequency evaluation of all you do in a day. If you're doing this with your partner, sit down and do the review together. 

Compare all the shit you do to keep yourself operating and functioning. Have fun with this if you do this with your person, don't beat each other down - that is the house rule! You're giving yourselves the opportunity to talk some stuff out without blowing up or getting pissed off at one another.  

*If you drink alcohol, it might help to have a beverage if you do a couples activity. 

**If you're a single momma, find someone who feeds your soul in your world to share with...I'm sure it will do them good too.  

3. BEST PART: What can you eliminate?  Little back story...In May, I had to get real with myself and look at some things I needed to eliminate in my own life and business to grow and progress. As risky as it felt to eliminate 2 things I had been heavily relying on, the minute I removed them from my life - literally my body took on a different shape. It took me about 4 days to realize how much stress these 2 things were adding to my life and that they were highly impacting my physical body, and ultimately my health. It's incredible the things we hold in our cellular bodies.  

Back to point 3...Figure out what you can eliminate. Then, DON'T fill it up with something new. Just let yourself have the space, to breathe and experience expansion for a while.  

Our world is moving really fast, right now. Most of us do what we can day-to-day to keep up with the energy. When you're parents of young children, the health risks outweigh the health benefits if you perpetually run your engine in high gear. It's time to collectively kick it down a notch, and I tell you I am actively aware of this in my own life. 

So, where do you need to kick it down a notch in your life? Tell me in the comments.  

Sending you a big squeeze this week. If you like the exercise above, let me know and of course please share it with a friend. 

Big love to you,