Are you wondering WHAT your home is?

This week, I want you to watch this recent TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert. I watched this a couple weeks ago and it made me think of you, your work, life and the concept of coming home. Finding meaning in "home" for me has always been more of about settling into my bones and soul, feeling myself thrive, no matter what location I am in. I admit, when I drive into the Gallatin Valley, I take a big breath and I feel like I'm home. The home we're talking about is a different sensation and experience. 

Watch for yourself, then keep reading. 

I find home in the comfort of working for you, with women, helping you become the strongest, bravest, most successful forms of yourself and in the form of health care. "Medicine" and healing has always been my home. I take it with me everywhere. 

So, in case you don't have 7 minutes this week, I extracted this from Elizabeth's talk for you: 

"Look, I don't know where you rightfully live, but I know there is something in this world that you love more than yourself. Something worthy by the way, so addiction and infatuation don't count, because we all know those are not safe places to live. All I know is you have to identify the best worthiest thing that you love most and build your house right on top of it and don't budge from it..." (I'll tell you the heart of her message follows these words - watch the video) 

In all your failures and successes, in this lifetime, where do you feel you're home? How do you get back home when you're pulled away? In the comments below, tell us; or if you're on Instagram please comment in the thread. 

Your self-restoration depends on your ability to find your way back home when you're pulled away. If you need extra help, it's why I am here to guide you and bring you back to health. 

Have a lovely week. Thank you for showing up, as always.