Awesome breakfast smoothie = WINNING

Whipped this recipe up after a client session, this morning, when I was really craving chocolate things. This satiated the cravings with high protein, good fats, and clean goodness. Enjoy!

(recipe serves 2)

2 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen cherries
1.5 avocado
palm full of cacao nibs
1-2 TBSP of cacao powder
1 tsp maca powder
1 TBSP hemp heart seeds

You can add ice to make it colder, as well as Maple Syrup to make it sweeter. The recipe should be sweet enough on it's own, but if you add plain kefir or yogurt you might want to sweeten it up.

Cover everything with Sprouted Almond Milk, and blend until creamy.

To make it into a bowl...

Pour smoothie into a bowl and cover with:
Shredded coconut
more hemp hearts - I'm a big fan
mango, banana, fresh blueberries and berries of your choice
Granola - I prefer making my own granola and using gluten free oats

Tell me what you think! It's delish!