Badass Mommas Call To Action

I generally sit down to write these posts in one fell swoop for the month. This post however is fresh. I find I write better in the morning, and today is an incredibly crisp and beautiful morning. It snowed more yesterday, setting a ski base that thrills my brain and cells. The base wasn’t solid enough to skate ski, so I ran instead.

During my run, posts were streaming into my head like:

  • this one
  • not getting fat during the holidays.
  • exercise balls for your Vag.
  • doing the hard stuff even when you don’t want to…

But most times on runs, crystal clear streams of consciousness run through me about how I can serve and help moms more. 

The Mother Love was born from an expression my best friend and I used when she was trying to understand life for her as a new mom and I was recovering from “the depression,” as I called it. This was back in 2009. One day last year, when I was just beginning to dream of creating this business she said, “Your work is like The Mother Love.” 

To let you in more, she said, “You know…that strong, fierce love that comes at you whenever you want to give up or go inward, and then something small (or big) and amazing happens and you just know you got this…that feeling that lets you shine your big, bright light. That’s what you give to me, give that to the world, Buck.” That's when The Mother Love was conceived; and yep, she calls me Buck (kid nickname) and it's the only thing her kids call me. They have no clue my name is Rebecca. I digress. 

There’s my currency. I’m smart. I make things beautiful. I create constructive solutions. I help women through hard shit. I show up. I am beyond determined. 

What I know to be true is new moms need more people like me to show up during this crazy, amazing, intensely loving, hard, BIG period in your life. To help you out, help you grow, and help you find yourself again.  

Today, I have a Call To Action (CTA) for you Mother Lovers. I posted the image in this post on Instagram this morning. It's the image from my new branding. It represents! It's fierce. Just like #themotherlove. 

Your CTA: Go to the photo in my profile and tag the mommas in your life who are BADASS. Then, #repost the photo and tell your people to shout out to the badass mommas in their lives. Freely use hashtags #badassmomma #themotherlove  

Go do it! Tag mommas, mommas-to-be, women who wish they were mommas or can’t be mommas but are still badass, or maybe they don’t want to be a mom but they are a “badass momma” to you. 

This is a CTA to tell the women we love they’re a badass; and we love them for helping us spark a movement of thriving women, families and communities. Please note, I can’t tag all of you because you're all badass mommas to me. 

Mother Lovers, let’s make some noise and turn up the volume that #themotherlove is a new movement proud to strengthen mommas and we are going to rock this beautiful mess of life. Together! 

We turn it up, we turn it up! We’re comin’ up, we’re comin’ up! Yes Please.  

Have a fantastic and beautiful week!