Boosting Your Immunity as The Season Shifts

When the seasons change there are just more people sick than less.


Up here, in the Northern Hemisphere we're going from summer to autumn and it's trickier - immune system wise - than we imagine to stay healthy and stable.

Kids are back in school, more snot is running everywhere, people still think they can eat really raw and drink spritzers when in reality our body and organ system wants us all to chill the F out and drink more tea than bourbon - although bourbon is really good..

Here's the thing, I've had this resident rabbits in my yard all summer. It's decided to eat the tops of all my Echinacea plants and has become the running joke in our hood that it is the most immune strong of all the rabbits, and definitely ready for the shift. 

So today, here are some simple go-to's when it comes to planning ahead and building a strong immune system with the shift in seasons:

1. Plan how you're going to move your body, and just because everyone says it's time to den in - remember we're not bears. Get outside!

We need to keep moving and stimulating our lymphatic system during seasonal shifts. Move your body and shake your lymph system out, because it is the bodies natural form of detoxing. When you shake it out, you move any cells that can attack your immune system.

2. Eat seasonally (for a delicious seasonal recipe click on the pic above). I've said it before, and I'm saying it again.

Eating with the seasons, mostly an Ayurvedic practice, helps your blood, nervous, and immune system work easily. When our systems "work easily" we get sick less.

It's okay to eat rich foods for us Northern Hemi folks, like olive oil, avocados, red meats (if you're a carnivore), and even things like liver. 

3. best as you can when your body calls for it.  

4. Top supplements I take to stay well daily as the seasons shift: Vitamin C (in the morning and afternoon), Zinc (in the afternoon), electrolytes (with exercise), Lysine (morning and night), DHA (before bed) and I might throw some herbs. Please consult your health care provider or herbalist before you take any supplements to know if they're right for your body.

Anything you love that is your secret remedy to staying immune strong during the seasonal shifts? Let us know in the comments below! 

Have a vibrant and fun week Mother Lovers!
All love surround.