Call Your Girlfriends

How do months go by without seeing your best peeps?

How does distance and time, age, and all those things we praise and that make us feel human, rather than like a human jungle gym, get so spaced out when we're raising families?

I've spent the past few days with one of my best, adult, women friends and it has been effortless. Refreshing. 

The break I needed from 3 months straight of driving hard and being caught up in the blur. 

The other week, on a Friday morning, I brought chairs to a friend, she had plants for me to transplant, and we shared a cup of coffee. I hadn't seen her in months. We are lucky that we work from home and can do this on a Friday, but there just isn't time to see one another as much as we both crave.

So this week, Mother Lovers, I want you to call your ho's. Yep, I'm certainly a friend that calls my 40-something year old friends "ho's." If Amy Poehler can, so can I. 

And I'm fairly politically correct, most of the time. My mom would boot me if she'd raised me differently...I digress.

One call to action this week: Call Your Girlfriends.

Make a date. It's your time. 

If you're one of my close girlfriends and you haven't seen me lately, this is a public apology and an I LOVE YOU! Please call me. 

Have a fun week Mother Lovers!
Genuinely, genuinely love you.