Enjoy the Good Stuff

December is the ramping up not only to the holidays, but to my birthday. Soon, I'll cross over to my 39th trip around the sun. This winter, it's real hard to go anywhere inward because everything is very outward and extroverted in my life right now. The Mother Love is growing. The universe responding. Trying out new relationships. Developing and exploring new ways to improve your opportunities to "play" with The Mother Love online and as a community. 

I had a girlfriend, preggo with her second baby recently ask me how I do all I do and enjoy the good stuff. She asked me to help her out a bit to understand how to enjoy the good stuff even though we have stressors that will inevitably hit us throughout the month. So, M (and all y'all), here are three ways I enjoy the good stuff (even when traveling and hustlin' hard):  

1. Get outdoors with a girlfriend I haven't seen lately or is a regular running or skiing partner. These friends are my lifeline and because you're pumping out endorphins while you move your body, you're building bonds and trust. It's a double neuro-whammy of goodness. 

** I make a special effort when I'm traveling around holiday season to connect with my friends ahead of time so they know I'm coming and have me on their radar. I need breaks from my family, as much as the next person and having an old friend to run around with is the best medicine to keep you returning to your family happy. 

2. Take a break from the family and enjoy the scene with your kiddo. One at a time if you have two or three. Truly, there is nothing more awesome seeing yourself in someone else, and watching them light up as we light up the world with lights and ornaments and holiday everything. If you feel yourself losing your shit a little, cut yourself off from what you're doing and take your kid outside. Bundle up. Get a treat. Walk around and look at lights. 

There is nothing like experiencing awe and wonder from something you created. Fuel your soul, momma. If you've got another one on the way, have your little human narrate what they're seeing to your belly. I'm telling yah, you've got bigger stuff going on if this doesn't sound awesome and like the break you deserve. 

3. Stabilize and center your nervous system. I obsessed with the nervous system and quieting them down. I believe it's simply the coolest part of the human body, and mine was so shot from 8 years of sleep deprivation it was horrible. It takes time to recover from sleep deprivation, like potentially years if you're like me. However, if you treat yourself regularly to one thing like Japanese Acupuncture, seasonal diets, meditation, or Yin Yoga - you will regulate the nervous system quicker. 

If there's one thing I won't live without now it's Japanese Acupuncture. When I asked my Acupuncturist, Kaz, to explain the difference between Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture he told me that Japanese treats the whole system rather than acute. They're still trained to treat acute, but you're likely to receive a holistic treatment unless requested. To sustain a stable and happy nervous system, I choose Japanese Acupuncture. A nervous system that is loved gives you a body that works best for you. It digests properly, it loses weight properly, it regulates metabolism properly, it helps us thrive!  

Acupuncture needles are the best kind of needles, so think about adding them every two weeks or once a month if you want to start enjoying more of the good stuff. I totally get that you know how to live a good life and enjoy the good stuff, but we all get overwhelmed with the holidays and forget. Especially if you're a working full time. So remember, the good stuff is the stuff we need to remember to indulge in - and I don't mean eggnog. I mean the stuff that feeds our bodies and our souls. The stuff that lights us up and reflect that into the world. That's the good stuff. The best stuff. 

Good Luck. Have Fun.