Finding Your Groove


Last week, I came across a Fast Company article on "unicorns" in business and the secrets of the women who run them. Unicorns are billion dollar businesses; and, all of these women have families. 

You know how US Magazine has the section, "Just like us"? Well, that seems to be a running joke between a few Mother Lovers and me. However, when I was reading the article, I thought, "they're just like us," because these unicorns offer the wisdom that NO ONE LIVES A "BALANCED" LIFE. Just like us.

Here's an excerpt from the article (posted Friday, April 3, 2015): 

No one lives a balanced life. As long as you can remember that while running a unicorn, you’ll make better decisions. 

Zatlyn tells Fast Company that she lacks the word "balance" and just does what she has to do to make things work. She does do little things like live close to the office so she doesn’t spend too much time commuting, and says all decisions she makes, she does so with her family. "When you’re running a company, there’s constantly things all the time, so I don’t think of it as work and personal," she says. "I think, okay, I have so many things to do during the course of the week, at which some things are family and some things are work, and I need to figure out how to fit it all together."  

The husband-wife duo at Houzz also make decisions as a family and are transparent with their children about their work challenges. "It happens to be that all the great things in life come together at the same time," says Tatarko. "Often, your career picks up at the same time that you already have a family. It’s true for both women and men." "We have found ways to work together as a family to find our balance. I have to say, our children help us live a more balanced life. When Alon and I fall out of balance, they let us know. Weekends are for the kids, and we’ve set rules about when to talk about work and when to check email. We find our balance together as a family." 

These women, just like us, are negotiating time, and energy to do meaningful work, solve problems and create solutions. They are doing their best to set up house rules and containers that help grow solid, and healthy families. While "no one lives a balanced life," I do believe we find our groove.

That said, what are some of your house rules that keep you engaged and fitting it all together as a family? Have you found your groove? Share with us in the comments.

Balance, as a cultural whole, is quite possibly as mythical as unicorns. I love the idea of togetherness and finding our groove, those are two things I think we can achieve in our families and the way we care for ourselves. 

Here's to a new week! Remember, every day is a "do over" from the one we had before, an opportunity to begin again. Hope you have a good one!