Finish Strong

I fully believe in a strong finish. It’s been engrained in me since high school track. Head up, focus on one spot ahead of you, breathe and pull through until you're beyond the finish line. I remember my coach telling us if there was anything we ever did to make ourselves feel great, it was to pull it in with a strong finish. 

I have made this a life motto, for sure. Always finish strong.  

Be that it is already December, I've already begun thinking about how I'm going to wrap up the year with a strong finish. Have you? 

Try out this activity, today or before you get called away from the computer and forget to do the activity. Take out pen, take out paper. Write down everything you’re proud of that you accomplished this year, so far. Fill up a page. Fill up two. Be DETAILED. 

Then, go through the list and cross out things you’re sort of stoked you did. You’d say, “meh, that was good but…” Then go through again, cross out things you’re happy you accomplished. Things you sort of want to brag about. Then, whittle your list down to 3 juicy accomplishments you’re totally STOKED about and again in detailed account. 

Next, know these 3 things you’re stoked about and allow them to come to life. Re-live them however you want for 24 hours. Talk about it with friends. Brag. Shout 'em out and share them with our community. #FinishStrong

My top three strong finishes for 2014:

  1. Learning what it takes to be a CEO, Founder, and #GIRLBOSS of The Mother Love and sharing this knowledge with fellow working women to help their businesses and careers grow and thrive.
  2. Picking up a piece of my soul that I left back home in Montana, and bringing it back to MN with me and having it help me do what I want to do. It is the piece of me that is self-directed, energetic, driven, dedicated and it is helping me work as a woman for women. She needed to come "home." 

  3. Getting to know my mom and sister without our dad physically being in our lives anymore. Trusting our love to grow stronge as a triad, and being there for each other in new ways that I find to be so fulfilling and fun! 

What are your strong finishes for 2014? Dig into these and if you wish to share them in the comments, I'd love to hear.  

Digging deep for a strong finish in 2014 will mean different things for each of us. There is trust involved in a strong finish. There is determination, it might be a quiet voice if you've had a year of exhaustion and transition. There is also will. So, go for it! Not just for you, but for all those little and big loves you have in your life. 

Being I still draw on my track coach for support and encouragement as I finish anything big, work, races, love or life, all the time, there is something really incredible knowing there are people alive on the planet that believe in me so tremendously they also know still how to help me grow. Thank you for teaching me how to help and serve you. It's a pleasure, every day!

Loving you strong!