Flying Solo

Ok, when the same subject is brought up more than three times in conversations with my clients or friends then I know it's time to talk about it. The other day on IG, I posted a picture about "Downloads." Downloads are those moments when something comes into your consciousness, clear as a bell and it feels good all over your body. Like goose bump good. 

The thing about "downloads" is that you have to capture them, right then and there. If you don't, it's likely they'll slip away and return after you need them for something or they don't come back again. 

The common thread I kept hearing from moms out there in the world was the magic that occurs when you're driving in your car, without kids, especially in summer. Here's the thing (especially if you don't live in SoCal or any of the southern states that are warm 11 months of the year), summertime in your car with the windows rolled down and the music playing and no kids screaming at you from the back seat saying, "Mommy...Mommy..MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY." It's like heaven on Earth. 

And, it's where the magic happens. 

One client told me it's where all her "downloads" happen. Another told me it's the place where she gets her soul food, and her sense of awareness that she is "living a really good life" is clear as a bell. One momma uses her drive time in a very large state to call her best friend and catch up, because she knows it's going to remind her she's moving forward positively. 

Magical moments. I live for them! 

But, what I've discovered is we get all the good feelings, the good hormones and new neuropathways from these magical moments - but we're forgetting to track them, remember them, and apply them to day-to-day life. Hearing this theme over and over wasn't profound...More like, write that shit down woman! 

So, since most of us don't text and drive (rrrrright!?) or take the time to pull over and write it down. It's time to get real familiar with your voice and use whatevervoice memo recording app you love on your phone to catch your downloads. 

Do this: 
1. When a download comes, catch it at the moment.
2. Turn on your voice memo and talk...who cares if you don't sound clear, you'll extract that later. (Be safe - use some "handsfree" device while talking to yourself in a car).
3. When your done, let go and enjoy the hormone ride you get from a "download" moment.
4. When you're home and quiet, have one consolidated place you enter your downloads. It can be in a notebook or on your computer. The KEY is to make sure you're writing them down physically, somewhere, to record them a second time and really begin to "rewire" your brain. Maybe you download on Instagram...If that is your place for downloading, make sure you go back to your posts and review what you caught. Make sure to put your ideas in a second location you visit often.
5. Come back to your Download storehouse often and trust the timing of how the download unfolds. 

The magic: our consciousness mind is awesome. So is our subconscious mind. We take in so much and put so much out everyday, that it's hard to organize it all. Throw in early motherhood hormones and you're real likely to forget any genius idea or moment that comes to you in a flash. When we write this stuff down and record it, more than once, we have a physical place to return to and then find where we put the download into action. 

Is this whole post a download? You bet it is. I had to capture it just after a session with a client. My best downloads come when I'm running, skiing, gardening, in a cool conversation, working (ADD at it's finest) or driving. You get the drift. Record it!  

Have fun with your downloads. Some will hold more potency than others, but half of why I'm here is because of these moments in life. Cherish the moments you have to yourself to catch a breath and some insight into all the space you hold in the world and your next creation. I know it will be brilliant! 

Enjoy the week, your day, and your moments flying solo. And please, for the love, share this activity with a friend if you trust (and know) it's good for her too. 

Rock on Summertime!



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