Go Now. Why Not.

It's incredible to be here, December 29th already!? What whut, really. This week is always a big week for me as I hold crossing thresholds sacred and since this is a brain dump place for me most of the time, I want to do some recap. Today, you will find a few of my favorite things from 2014. I hope you enjoy. 

3 Fave Mother Love Posts:
I love us. Promises to my Daddy I swore I’d keep.  
Signaling through the Flames.  
Badass Mommas Call to Action. 

3 Fave Posts Online:

I Love Lucy.  (Carrie Edmonson of Imogene + Willie). 
The Artists Who Dances on The Edge. (Seth Godin written just for you, I swear).
Before I lose you, I would like to see you again and again. (Waylon Lewis, Elephant Journal). 

+ oh, AndKathleen Daycare Dilemma series& part one & part two 

3 Fave Places to Give: 

Every Mother Counts 
Global Midwife Education Foundation 

My girlfriends all around the world and unknown girls/women launching their “craft” and doing cool things for their communities. 

3 Fave Apps that I use EVERYDAY: 

Headspace (hands down) 
IG (duh) 
Snapchat (themotherlove)

3 Women that inspire the shit out of me and are Big Wave Riders: 

Amy Poehler 
Jenna Lyons 
Norma Kamali 

Have an incredible week. I hope you leave a lot of room to wiggle around in all the opportunity that 2015 holds for you, your actions, your relationships, your body, your health and well-being, and all that surrounds you. 

You are magic!