Gold Standards

In the past few weeks, I've been networking my brains out. Much of March and April is coordinating a variety of different meetings, some turning out to be some fun and cool live events (you have the opportunity to learn about these when you sign up for our newsletter) around the country. One of the first meetings, which turns out had serious mojo, was a meeting at a large hospital here in Minneapolis, MN. I met with the President of the hospital foundation and the Director of the Women's Center, all arranged by a former board member, Greg, whom I'd met at a breakfast for business owners. Connection. Connection. Connection, it means so much. 

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram, you'll recognize the picture in this post. Since it gave out "good energy" it received a lot of attention. However, the story that captioned the photo is what caught people. 

The President of the Foundation is a powerful and strong woman. It felt great to shake women's hands who were firm and confident, vibrant. As we walked to the elevators that would take us to the new Women's Health Center about to open, they asked how Greg and I met. He gave 2 cents and then handed the torch to me. I lead into my little pitch about me and my business for the elevator ride. 

When the doors opened, we all gasped as the new center is gorgeous and holds so much possibility. We were introduced to the concept and design; to the community they would build around simply the lobby. But of course, the care went far beyond the lobby walls. 

We began talking about fundraising I mentioned my dad was a fundraiser. The foundation President asked his name and I said, "Jim Egbert." Once again, she gasped and lit up. She said, "He was a hero. He could light up a stage." She continued to gush as I filled in the other two about who he was...and inside of me, a huge surge of gratitude came through me because of our connection. He was a hero to me, of course.

I spent an hour touring around an exceptional model of care that this Center will provide to women in the Twin Cities. It's innovative, caring, and smart. As I was leaving to go to my truck, I bumped into Greg and thanked him. He said, "We're family. If there's anyone else I can introduce you to, let me know. I have connections." Then the President came rolling by, she's a hoot. So we walked together to the parking lot. 

As we went our separate ways, I thanked her for her words about my Dad. She looked at me and said, "He set the Gold Standard." BAM! The minute she said that, I was floored. I had this huge rush of energy come through me, this confidence, this knowing, sort of wind-knocked-out-of-me moment that also left me with a ton of energy. When these instances occur, I call one of three people. My mom, my sister, and Maggie (my co-pilot and best friend). This time, I knew I had to call my sister. Right away, she picked up and I told her. We both giggled about the comment. It left my heart so full. 

In Adam Braun's new book The Promise of a Pencil: How Ordinary People Can Create Extrordinary Change, he talks about "lightening moments." The moments when you just "know" and it turns your inner compass in the direction you need to go. Your responsibility is to keep going in that direction, especially when it's creating change and greatness in other peoples lives and your own. These moments are rare but powerful, you can choose to ignore them but it's likely your life will stay exactly as it is. You can conversely choose to say yes to these electric moments and your path alters permanently. Thus, I only had one direction to go...Forward and saying "YES." 

After my call to my sister and the immediate rush of the "Gold Standard" comment, I received a download about this work and our growing community. The loudest message, "Set the new Gold Standard for the postpartum years." Full on. It was a lightening moment, and I had not been looking for one. In the next 30 minutes, a whole series of downloads began taking place. I just soaked it up and let it come through. 

The seeds are sewn. 

The comment that received a ton of good energy itself from Instagram and Facebook follows:

Today, I met with the president of a large hospital foundation and director of an incredible women's center about to open in the Twin Cities. A few minutes into meeting, the foundation president and I realized we knew a person in common...My daddy. She gasped and said, "He was a hero, he could light up a stage." An hour later, we bumped into each other leaving the hospital & I thanked her for her words. She responded, "He set the Gold Standard." This left me feeling humbled, massive gratitude, and totally energized on so many levels. That said, go get it. Whatever you're after. And give it a helluvah lot of good energy, because all the babies being born today will need it so they can give good energy to the world. Set a new Gold Standard wherever your heart screams at you. I will, I promise.

Giving this world good energy is all I can think of doing at the beginning and the end of the day, even if I piss and moan about Prius drivers. Ultimately, my quest in life is to give as much good energy as I can for the present day and for our kids futures. My Daddy, the Gold Standard setter for many people, taught me that ultimately love is the bottom line. So spread it!

With that, I want to know what you're going after right now in your life that is setting a new "gold standard" for you? It can be in any area of your life. Tell us below in the comments. 

Thank you as always for visiting us this week and we hope that you have a full, loving and brilliant week. If you know someone who would like this post, please share it with them and spread good energy all over the world! 

With big love.