Happy Day to You, Momma

All around us today, moms are being celebrated for all the love, work, and joy they give to their hearts and world. 

May your little people kiss your cheeks sweetly and divinely. May you feel supported, surrounded, loved, embraced, brilliance and soulful sparks flying throughout the day. May someone remind you that you are their sun and they orbit around you, because you help them grow courageous, be brave and kind, and live stronger than they could alone. 

I know you wouldn't trade your job of being a mom (even when you do lock yourself in the laundry room for a breath of respite or the opportunity to catch up with a friend) and this is an incredible gift to have in the world. 

As a mom, you give yourself permission to empower yourself. 

It is one of the most powerful times in a woman's life when you say to yourself, "I can do this...deeply, strongly, and truly. I will fuck up, I'm sure of it. But that is just divine. I can grow and raise beautiful beings." 

So today, I thank you from my big, fat heart for being a mom. For loving your little ones more than you knew you could love. For suffering heartbreak and emotions bigger than you somedays. Thank you for teaching your little souls to take care of the planet better than we did and to be brave. Thank you for flying magically with your kids once in a while, taking delight in their games and nurturing their creative brains. 

The basket is full for every mom and I hope we bring more light to your life. As we grow as a community, I can hardly wait to meet your beautiful face and to hear your stories. May our work provide healing, education and support to your already lovely life and existence. 

Gratitude for your walk on this planet, thank you.