Happy Everything!

In one of the stars
I shall be living
In one of them
I shall be laughing
And so it will be
as if all the stars
were laughing
when you look
at the sky at night

This time of year is one of my favorites. We return to light. The sun enters Capricorn (my sun sign) and it's the only sign in the zodiac sign that ends the year and begins the new year. 

All around the world we're celebrating the return to light, not just with Solstice but Hanukkah and Christmas and the vast celebrations going in cultures all around the world. 

It's a time to strip down all the stuff we carry around, get into our comfy clothes and take a break from the daily grind. Be with the ones we love. Hold their heads if they get sick, whether from the flu or too much alcohol. Hold their hearts and connect.

The time to love, laugh, forgive, rest more, play more, and do whatever lights your heart and soul. 

May you feel your way through the celebrations, hug the loves you haven't seen in forever, and ride on good vibes. 

This year, you've helped us create Little Mother's Helper. You walked beside us as we went into organizations and introduced a new way to take care of moms across the country and around the world. You became our friends, our sisters and brothers, and our family.

You fill us with joy, and for each of you we're grateful!

People have told me this year how wonderful our community is, that I've created this posse...but I credit our strength to you - the people who keep showing up, do the work, and make good happen. 

Our community is a functional family - we are connected and deeply rooted. Together we're making health care better, for you, us, and future generations.

From our growing family to your's - we wish you a brilliant, joyful holiday season. 

You are our everything! And, we're here for you.

Merry, merry and bright,
Rebecca & the LMH Team