Happy...In Love.


When I asked my daddy, "What's one thing you want for your girls," before he died his response, "All I want is for you both to be happy, in love." 

I don't have the answers to happiness in love, but there's one thing I know about love, for certain, is that love is better with music. Yes, music.

In my house, when we were growing up, it was common to hear Cajun Zydeco music playing or Louisiana swamp pop music. My mom would sweep me up in the kitchen every now and again when I was a teenager, and make me dance with her teaching me the Cajun Two-Step. Moments that will never erase from my memory!

It was early on that I learned there is nothing music can't heal. This week, I'm taking a simple approach to healing. Music. 

Why? Because, music does something for the soul. Music does something to repair our love strings and love vibes. 

Somedays, I think it takes the hard wires in our brains that are bent in funny shapes from the hardness of life, and smooths them out. Music fills up the cells in our body that enjoy celebration, love, a party, and a good time. 

Here, I've collected some tunes for you this week that will make you want to turn up the heat, pour yourself a drink, throw on some lipstick, and kick it with the kids, your friends, and your love:

Swamp Pop and Zydeco from American Routes - listen to the June 24th show (this will provide a great post dinner dance sesh, and give you a peek into my childhood)

Odessa will hum you low into yet another slow dance with your old love, new love or sweet baby before bed (reminds me of summer in the Mountain West)

A little summer mix I made for you (good car jams!)

This week is dedicated to all you lovers out there, who have a long Independence Day celebration in front of us. Get a good groove on, grab your lover and swing a step or two. Telling you, a sundress and barefeet help! 

I'd also love to acknowledge that we, the United States of America, have blasted through some major political and energetics blocks the past week. It is truly a historical time! It's cool to be celebrating independence, and honoring health and love is human rights for EVERYONE! 

Have a fun, relaxing week and brilliant 4th of July if you're state side! Everyone else around the world, loving you big and enjoy the music.