Have You Ever Had The 7-Year Itch?

The author of this post wished to remain anonymous. She is fiery mother, devoted to her family, and passionate educator who called me one day and said, "Have you ever had a client talk about the 7-year itch?" I said, "Not really, want to write about it?" This is what she gave you.


We lay there with satisfied grins, and my husband thanked me. He thanked me for my considerate gesture. You see, I was several months postpartum, and I had become very comfortable in an old Patagonia oversized sweatshirt. I was so comfortable in it that I even wore it when we had sex. On this particular occasion, out of consideration for sweet husband, I pulled the sweatshirt up so he would have a view of my full breasts. I was too tired and too uncomfortable in my postpartum body to be completely naked, but thinking of my sweet and horny husband, I threw him a bone

I have been married to my sexy, best friend, baby daddy for the last seven years. He is incredibly warm, engaged, and dynamic. He is a wonderful father to our two kids. He thinks I am sexy, even when I wear a nasty, old sweatshirt.

I have been back to full-time work for a year now. The postpartum fog has faded. The frumpy postpartum clothes have been passed on to others. I am in a sweet spot. I love my career, and I love my task of raising two kids. Today, I feel good in my body. I no longer own the frumpy, oversized Patagonia sweatshirt.

I have heard of the seven-year itch, but, in the recent past, I have been too tired and too preoccupied to give it much thought. I have been caring for babies, working in the margins, keeping my home life together, exercising when I can, and watching movies on the couch with hubby to give much thought to other handsome human beings. I have been wearing the oversized, nasty sweatshirt. Then, all of a sudden, my office hired Greg. 

Greg is tall and handsome, with icy blue eyes. He is good at conversation. He is warm. Greg is single. He has no kids. As soon as Greg got hired, I found a new spring in my step. I started to pay attention more to my work attire. I started to make excuses to go the microwave that is conveniently located by the door of his office. I developed a crush on Greg.

I told my sweet, sexy and self-assured husband about my crush on Greg. I know how dangerous office crushes can be, so I hoped to normalize and diffuse it. I wanted to air out my secrets, so they were no longer scandalous. My husband got it. He told me it was normal. He helped me understand the reason for my crush. I have a crush on Greg because he has no kids. He represents a life I sometimes long for. In his life, I can make plans on a moments notice. I can work and exercise and read a book on the couch when I want. I can have sex on the kitchen counter at 10a, and I don’t have to wait until the kids are sleeping or out of the house. 

I write this because I can continue to work to diffuse the crush and focus in on what matters. I choose my sweet and sexy husband. I choose my full, messy, planned-to-the-minute life with my two gorgeous and wild kids. I chose to grow old with my best friend hubby, a man who thinks I am sexy even when I wear a nasty, old sweatshirt. And through this process, I am reminded that everyday presents a choice.


The conversation we had made us both curious if any of you have had an itch before? How did you get through it? Tell us in the comments below. 

I hope you love the new digs!! I'm thrilled for this new home, but most energized by sharing it with you! Have a fantastic week, Mother Lovers. 

Much love, as always.