Honoring the Smaller, Simpler Things

I've been obsessing on Jonathan Fields a bit lately. We have something major in common: the desire to start movements. Movements that bring healing to people and culture, to our day to day lives. Well, last Friday I came across this talk on his program Good Life Project about something I hold near and dear: Family Supper.

Family supper was very much a part of my family culture. It was something I gained more of an appreciation for as I grew up; and still gather to this d with family and friend family. But what's cool about this talk is that this woman started a movement based around eating. My favorite kind of movement. 

This week, listen to this talk this week.  

One thing Jonathan ritualistically asks at the end of every interview is, "When I offer up the term good life, what does that bring up for you?" What does living a good life mean to you? I want to hear your answers, so go leave them in the comments. I read them all.  

Loving you strong!