How much can you put up with?


How many of you can raise your hand and admit that you've made excuses or put off getting back in shape post-baby just a tad bit too long? According to my recent conversations, there are some honest voices out there speaking up that getting back in shape hasn't been your first priority.

Over the weekend, I had a conversation with a friend about losing weight. I said, "The hardest part about starting to workout when you don't feel great in your body is putting on tight clothes and walking out the door." She replied, "Totally..." The 'start' is often the most intimidating and vulnerable moment. 

Our conversation reminded me of two recent teachings that will begin to help you understand what both the body and mind need when starting anything new; and will help you adapt to change with more ease and calm.  

First: I'm obsessed with Sara Gottfried, MD. I think I'm becoming more obsessed with her as I age. I've watch my body do these funny weight shifty things that I didn't understand at first. Once I dove into her work, I got it. 

Dr. Gottfried understands the modern woman's push and drive to live passionately, raise a strong family, and build careers that are meaningful. She also understands how this drive impacts our hormone function and regulation, and our body's ability to maintain a weight that is healthy for our individual physiology.

This podcast on Wellness Underground with Dr. Gottfried is awesome. It brings a lot to light on women's health, and it will help you understand your cellular body.

Her new book, The Hormone Reset Diet, is one I think every woman should invest in for ultimate hormone health. She is well rounded, practices functional medicine, and cares about the human soul. Each of which is needed to live in your best body. It's a good read!

Second: Adapting to Change.

What's your experience with change? The experience of change is very different than the idea of change. We get that everything is life is always changing and moving, although sometimes it feels like we get stuck in the same thought process or pattern. 

One of my new favorite practices is called noting, which teaches the experience of change. Noting means applying a label to thought or a feeling that arises in the mind. The easiest way to begin practice noting is through meditation. 

Many times, we hustle through our days and often we become overwhelmed, and clarity gets sidelined. When we apply a note to our thoughts, it gives our mind and body some space to change. 

Here's the practice: Take three deep breaths, scan your body head to toe. As you scan, become aware of the sensations, feelings and emotions in your body. Tune in to yourself. Next, begin to focus on your breath. When your mind begins to wander off from your breath, and say moves into a thought, the practice of noting is when you realizing, "Oh, that's thinking." You catch yourself wandering into an experience, then, move yourself back to your breath. If a body sensation takes over, note, "Oh, that's an itch." Then, go back to focusing on your breath. 

Do this practice for 5-10 minutes a day(preferably), especially in the heart of change and see how it helps you over time. The process of noting gives you a soft and gentle technique to help you commit to your progress and adapt to change. 

The more we experience change, in a direct way, the more we learn to let go and life begins to flow more freely.

Now let's do this together, in the comments RAISE your hands up if you've put your body and overall health off a tad bit too long. Then tell me, what is onegood thing you'll do for your body this week? I want to know.

Have a lovely week! Remember, be kind to yourself and keep moving forward.