How NOT to Get Fat this Winter

Generally, I try to avoid writing adding to the 23 million posts that will hit the interwebs over the next 6 weeks about how you can avoid "getting fat" this winter. However, this week my friend asked me to write the post. As soon as I started thinking about post ideas, I got bored. But, being the mountain goat I am by birth - I kept trying to see if I could take a new approach. 

I took "how not to get fat this winter" on a run. It's where I do all my best brainstorming and planning.

I got to the trailhead late in the day. MN had just experienced a severe cold snap, and it was 35 or 40 degrees at the time I started running. It felt like F-L-O-R-I-D-A. I tell yah. It was foggy and mystical and warm. It felt great on the dry skin! I took the outer most loop to get as much mileage and hilly terrain I could muster up. Because I generally "fart around" on long runs, there are moments where I'd stop and look around and smell the air and count all my little blessings of why I'm glad to be here and alive. This was one of those runs. 

I arrived at my favorite, old, lopsided suspension bridge that launches you anytime you run across it with another person. It's the best! As I ran, I got to the middle of the bridge and stopped. It was simply divine and quiet and I had no electronics strapped to my face and had nothing to do but breathe. At that moment, an Owl started hooting at me. Magic moment. I started running again and this post started streaming in...

There are a million ways to NOT get fat this winter. I'm going to assume most of you have read one or two of the other 23 million articles are going to talk about exercise. I give physical training tips every week in my newsletter and if you receive it weekly, you know or are learning how to get your groove on. So yes, exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It'll keep the fluff off. Daily. Curb your stress and over-indulgence with exercise and rest. But, really, to me the secret sauce to not getting fat this winter is to love your body.

The reality is that I cannot tell you the path to learn deeper to love your body. That mental, emotional and physical work is all you, momma. If you're so concerned about getting fat this winter, change your words. I remember reading the quote, "Change your words. Change your worth." That my dear is the golden ticket. Just think how long you've been sending mixed messages to yourself about your body. 

Just think, every winter you start to stress out because you know you'll gain a few pounds. Stress is like cellulite. It builds up over time and stores in our tissues, and sometimes I even think it makes us fatter because excess amounts of stress Fs everything up. We're supposed to naturally gain some weight in the winter. I lose weight in the winter, because I ski like a mad-woman. I am a mad-woman for that matter. Don't compare yourself to your strongest, skinniest friend or the über athletic momma teaching your yoga or pilates class. Ever.

Sure, be vain. That's cool, we all are (if you're questioning your vanity, look at your Pinterest page - you're vain). We all want to feel good and look good. So, don't squash yourself because you put on a few lbs this winter. Remember, you gave birth (or you are giving birth). Your body needs time to heal and connect and bond, and those are generally way softer feelings and experiences than we're used to culturally.

You want to avoid the lbs gain this winter: LOVE YOUR BODY!

Take it to a workout or on a run. Ask yourself, "What does it feel like to love my body?" Go with it. All winter long. I dare you.

As Joan Dideon put it, "To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves - there lies the great, singular power of self-respect." Change your words, change your worth. The power of self-respect is amazing. Don't ever let your inner asshole tell you differently. Lots of love!