Is there an upside to stress?


"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."
- Buddha 


Can we be really honest about stress? Good, because it's time I shared a little story. This is one of those posts that you'll bump into on the blogs you love where the ever strong and bright writer will confess about something that's turned their world upside down and only write about it once they're feeling strong, confident, grounded and recovered...Yep, the confession "I am also human" post. 

I came to a tipping point recently. Right around the launch of my website, I was offered some golden opportunities and I pushed the go button. Leading up to that time, there was a lot of excitement around a project I'm working on and it was awesome! In order to manage the natural stress that comes with a great project, I did the usual: meditate in the morning, eat clean, exercise, yin yoga, and take my minerals. But this time, the usual wasn't enough. 

It was the night I went out with some new friends, and just hours before had some mild chest pains that I thought to myself, "This isn't normal. Is this a pulled muscle from pull-ups or is this chest pains?" So, I know a thing or two about the heart, and my pericardium was doing a dance that made me also think, "Maybe after this drink, I'll go to the hospital and walk into the ER looking perfectly health and ask for an EKG." Medically, I trust my knowing and I would have acted on it but when I walked to my car, I found it had been towed from a church parking lot, and that sort of distracted me from getting an EKG.

The next day I flew to Chicago, and had some space to check-in with myself. I realized I was missing four vital things in my life:

1. Connection
2. Having this mindset, "Hey stress, you're cool...I see you. I get you. I'm resilient. Let's play!"
3. Focus
4. Forgiving myself

On my way home, I knew the coming weeks were going to be a total roller coaster. I got on the ride with these vital things in mind, which helped me adapt to stress and understand why it's good for me. Then one day on Amazon, I saw this book The Upside of Stress (which releases May 5th) and I totally pre-ordered it taking it as a sign that I was bouncing back. 

Having this new perspective, after bouncing back, has made some recent evening conversations with friends really hilarious, because I'm me and can poke fun at myself in a true, generous nature. 

To wind this post down, it's your turn. Confess to me or give me a "YEUS, that's me," if you've been stressed in the comments below. Then tell me one thing you'll do this week to love up on your stress. I know I'm not the only one who has a story. 

Thank you for putting up with my confession story. I hope it's given you a little medicine to chew on for the week. Back on to brighter and better days, and a big fat cheers to resilience!!