#lastpush Erica's Story


We had been laboring for just over ten hours. My whole body was soaked and I had been sitting behind my client applying sacral pressure and gently encouraging her to breathe through every contraction, while the shower head poured down on both of us. Once again, I had forgotten my swimsuit. 

In between contractions we both laughed as we heard her two-year old, knock gently on the bathroom door and ask to hold the baby. a baby that had yet to arrive. Then she let out a roar, that’s the only sound, I could liken it to. This surge was different, being on the ball wasn't going to be enough. She leaped up and and said, “ this baby is coming, now.” 

The midwife in her bedroom ushered us in. As I helped her into the tub, she looked me in the eyes and said, “You’re coming too, right?" It made sense...I hadn’t left her side for one minute in those ten hours and it was clear that this was the last push that she needed. 

I jumped in and began pressing into back, as her husband sat beside her outside of the tub and gazed deeply into her eyes. As she released her babe, I was behind her. Words still can’t describe the rush and connectedness that moment held for me. I was in awe of her power.  

As her husband reached into the tub and caught their babe and I stepped out, I felt changed and knew then it was something I would never forget.

#lastpush story by Erica Chidi Cohen, Founder of The Mama Circle. Love her to bits, every inch of her badass self! xo