Leaders May Inspire, But Only When People Decide to Act

Last week, I wrapped up my work with a private client. In definition of the Diffusion of Innovations, she's an innovator. She came to me, as a joint business owner of a seven figure business, wife, mother of 3 and her youngest was 9 months old. She trusted working with me could get her where she wanted to grow, as a mom/wife/career woman. In her words, she had a "life-changing" experience personally and ultimately improving her business.

So, I'll just tell you that a lot of my work is "gut" and intuition driven. Heavily backed and supported by research/work in health care, medicine, midwifery, women's health, nutrition, leadership, business, education, and design. After 4-and-a-half months of working together, I kept getting directed towards her role as a leader in her organization and career. When we started shifting gears from working on the physical body to the intellectual body, I asked her what she wanted to focus on and she said, "How I can apply what I'm learning with you to make my business stronger and support my team so we grow together." 

My favorite first step for her was to introduce her to Author (and educator) Simon Sinek. In January, he released a new book called Leaders Eat LastIt quickly became another NYT Best Seller, just shortly over a month of being on bookshelves. She dove into his work. Our conversations around leadership were invigorating and inspiring. Since this audience is filled with leaders, I want to provide you this week with two links to resources from Simon's new book: 

1. This video is one you can listen to or watch more than once. He discusses biology which you're familiar with if you read this blog (aka...the brain and neuroscience). 

2. This review in the Huffington Post written by Matt Tenney. A little taste, "Perhaps the simplest and most easily-actionable idea is to take the initiative to care more for the people on our team. By simply making the effort to help the people on our team more often, and show them that we truly care about them, we can start the process of creating an entire team or organization of people who trust each other. This not only makes the team or organization significantly more effective, it also transforms work from something we may dread into something we wake up excited about."    

Many of you are deeply passionate about your careers. So much in fact that one of the biggest challenges you face early on as a mom is how to maintain a love for both your career and your family. 

If you don't know Simon, meet him. He's brilliant. Introducing Simon to this client allowed for a huge opening in her life, I am excited to see what comes to her. It felt incredible to be part of her process and watch her grow by leaps each week. She took my requests to heart, did the work and started to take off. Let me guarantee, I will be "checking up" on her in 3 months to see how she is thriving. So fun!   

Have fun with this resource and Simon's wealth of information out there on the interwebs. He is truly a fun-loving, passionate, and inspirational human being. We're lucky to have him around. 

To you, I wish a vibrant and connection-filled week. Big Love.