Let's All Get In Formation


Not Sorry. I was told by a 29 year old that I at 40 know more about pop culture than most millennials, and she's probably right. But it is not what I changed my mind about the last month.

When I asked my sister what she got from the course, I knew it'd ultimately be very different than me. We are two different women, who have learned to love each other deeper over time. About a year ago, as a little sister who swung a punch or two at my big sister (I blacked that part out), I decided to get more empathetic with her to add depth to our relationship. It worked.

When I moved from MT to MN, my sweet, ass-kicking, cajun mother (who when she talked to Missy from our cohort brought out her East Texas twang even more) said to me, "Bec, I wish you could see me like my friends do." I've learned to do just that. It worked.

The deeper I listen, to me, the universe (yep, groovey), and to the people I connect with each day the greater I will learn to love and the more that love will pay off in the work I do to bring help heal things that are broke...work that too will help me profit.

Yep, like you...I want to profit.

Something in me is shifting because of Project 12, because recently I started helping some women entrepreneurs grow. I didn't expect this shift. Didn't even see it coming.

If you don't know me, I live, eat, sleep, breathe, and dream of better outcomes for maternal health and maternal mortality in the US. I know what needs to be done, how to implement changes, but it's going to take a longer than I planned because of the big system. Like our designer Maddy said to me this morning, "You can't make the shift all on your own. We need to do it together."

From my experience, it's actually very rare for women in business to behave like we do in altMBA with one another which is supportive, generous, and a hive mind of lifting each other up. More often than less, I see women acting around scarcity in business and it breaks my heart. Scarcity does not produce results or growth.

What I've changed my mind about this month is that I want to help and hold space for women entrepreneurs. Build each other up rather than take each other down. Not just the unicorns, it's time for us all (men and women) to move towards the hive mindset.

What altMBA is helping me pass forward, greater than my new found relationship with empathy, is the honest commitment to help women grow their confidence to build businesses and contribute to communities they live in and love. And, not like Marie Forleo, because she's got that covered beautifully.

Women's brains tick differently than men. Women work better together rather than in isolation. These truths need support and structure around them for women to succeed. It's not just about leaning in or out, structure for leadership and understanding the constraints of business in a necessity in understanding growth. Oh god, it's happening.......altMBA hive mind.

This turn in me is unexpected. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, yet. I'm not sure what this looks like. I'm not sure why I'm even writing about it.

But I am. And, I will.

Thank you all for being a hive committed to growth, love, constructive feedback, accountability, friendship, joy, celebration, crying in the dirt (that could have only been me) - this is a collective of humans that are priceless. So is this experience.

I passed on a quote from Jenna Lyons a few days ago to a fellow alt-r, "Amazing things happen when you're having fun doing something you love." Big love to you, and I hope you have fun.