Maternal Health Update: The Current Sitch in the US

I remember it clear as day.

Sitting at her kids table in a kitchen out west, with one of the women I’d admired most through Midwifery School. Thinking to myself, “How’d I get here?” 

It was 2010, the year Every Mother Counts released No Woman, No Cry and I finally felt like someone got what I was saying. Their story made me feel like my crazy fervor for improving maternal health outcomes in the U.S. and all the research I’d done on collaborative care in 2007-2008 was making sense. 

It was still be a while until I found my footing in maternal health.

I had to practice as a midwife more. I had to deliver that cord prolapse and manage that birth resulting in a live birth and living mother. I had more women to help through childbirth and their pregnancies, help more babies into the world, and understand my own purpose within the system. 

All I know is that on this day, when I talked creatively about the ways we could improve maternal health, it was a feeling in my body that keep me on the trail today. A feeling of knowing and understanding in my blood and bones…shit has to change.

Last week, The Huffington Post wrote a simple synopsis of a survey released last week from the UN and World Bank on the current situation on maternal mortality.

One highlight: having a baby in the US is twice as dangerous as in Canada. Take a gander at the article here.

While I was in NYC over the weekend, I attended an event for Every Mother Counts. Getting to dance with some of the people I admire most, who are now good friends, and make more awesome connections was another moment where I can honestly say, “How’d I get here?” 

I guess it comes with hard work, trust, and staying laser focused on the community and movement we’re growing right here, right now. 

Everything I do, I come back to you - the community that wants to see women have better access to outcomes. Wants more opportunity for healing and helping yourself and others. 

I write this post today, because this information is important to understand. When I talk about maternal health with strangers, they say, “How can I help?” 

Today, find an organization - one you trust and believe will do the work to improve lives. Then donate. Your time, your money, your heart, your soul.

These organizations are your sisters, brothers, and they’re also mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles. Probably even grandmas and grandpas, too. 

Do something. Please don’t just sit there and say, “It’s not my problem.” 

If TWICE as many women are dying in the US than in Canada due to pregnancy and childbirth related causes, it’s our collective responsibility to help other mothers at home to thrive...starting now.

Before our daughters become mothers and our sons become fathers.

Let's raise them strong and build a better future for our babies, our loves. 

Have a brilliant week. Let beauty permeate your body and soul.
R this new trailer for Giving Birth In America. Makes me proud to have Montana featured, as it was the birthplace of this wide open journey I'm traveling on. xx