Mother Love Stories: Amanda

She gets us! Amanda, thank you for sharing your love and story. So glad to have you with us! 

It started in pregnancy with an urgency to cleanse my subconscious of habitual thought forms that wouldn't serve me in showing up in a clean way as a mother for him, that's still a daily practice. I really consider where I'm coming from in our relationship, especially the tense interactions and tantrums. I align with my heart and come from love, but that doesn't always read as rainbows.

I don't have a partner at home to share those moments with, so I rely on the cosmic mother love out there, I try to find that within myself and hold it as I breathe with him through some mind blowing tantrums. I lean into that communal mother love even as we experience complete bliss as family of two, it's more expanding to weave ourselves into the infinity of all mothers.

A. Chantal Bacon, April 2015