Mother Love Stories: Mia

I was particularly surprised by the isolation of motherhood; the early days at home, alone, ready to meet my son's ongoing demands. I wasn't prepared for the endless judgment and comparison, myriad choices (breast or bottle, pacifier or not, co-sleeping or crib, etc) and abundance of information (oh Google, sometimes friend, sometimes foe). Very overwhelming, confusing and, ultimately, contributed to unnecessary self criticism and doubt. Then one day a fellow mother arrived. She brought a bag of baked goods, a tall cup of coffee and asked about me. How was I doing. How I was feeling. It was the first time I realized the importance of self care. To manage it all, I needed to be good to myself, light and easy on my expectations, and acknowledge the connection with my son would be fortified by nurturing my own health and happiness. 

M. Lee, February 2015