My Mother Love Is....


In honor of Mother's Day, I'll be posting haiku poems submitted by Mother Lovers around the country and globe for the next 10 days. My friend, Annie, presented the idea to celebrate mother's of all types and our community. We hope it brings you some inspiration and love. 

I'd like to invite you to share what #themotherlove means to you by creating and sharing your own poem and picture. To make your own, write a few haikus that begin with the 5 syllable line, "My Mother Love is...." Then, design your own on Canva if you don't know photoshop or are a designer of any sort. It's an easy tool to create one like you see above. 

When you post and share to Instagram, use hashtags #mymotherloveis #haikuforyou #themotherlove and tag @themotherlove. On Facebook, just post directly to the wall on our page to show and tell! 

Look forward to seeing what you create, and celebrate you! Happy May Day!


Image: found on Pinterest