Did you miss the "Pregnancy Box Experience"? Yeah, us too...

I recently took a quick trip to NYC. One meeting was with a holistic OB practice on the Upper East Side. As I walked in, I saw Noobie Boxes stacked up against the wall. I looked them up online, shot a quick email through their website and within a week was on the phone with their founders.

Noobie Box was launched by 3 Dutch friends, Renske Gosselink, Steffanie Possel and Jiska Smits. They all gave birth to their kids here in the US, and missed the “Pregnancy Box Experience” so well developed & loved in their home countries. Charlotte Torris, French, and mom of 3 kids also born in the US soon joined and completed the team.

These four women are vivacious and determined to bring a quality experience to moms here in the U.S. that they missed out on, and they're doing it in style! 

This post was written by Charlotte, one of their fearless founders. Welcome her warmly!

The motherhood journey is long and multi-layered. But, in its beginnings, it is utterly imperative to receive tons of attention and support. You’re making a new person, for goodness’ sake!

You, yourself, may feel a little bit lost, confused, overwhelmed, or even too excited to know what you may need in the time ahead. We felt the same way being 3 Dutch mother's and one French mother away from our homelands when we gave birth. Countries that welcome new moms with a pregnancy box before they leave the hospital or birth center.

That's why we created Noobie Box, a fabulous gift box for expecting moms. Noobie is full of awesome products, coupons and information. Our box is different from the existing mother and baby boxes out there, because it’s free, easy to order and home delivered. No strings attached!

It is a complete care package that is to be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home. 

In Europe, many governmental, healthcare institutions and baby product companies send all mothers-to-be, regardless of income, a box full of baby basics and information on what to expect when baby is here! Isn’t this a great and comforting thing to do? Doesn’t every mom-to-be deserve special care and attention? We think so too.

Today, expecting women living in the New York Tri-state area can already have the same nurturing mail delivery for free. Do not worry if you do not live in that area, Noobie Box has plans to quickly expand to other states in the Northeast, and eventually countrywide!

We're excited to bring Noobie to you Mother Lovers in hopes you'll share it with a friend, so please spread the word! The box is FREE, and now, for a limited time (until November 10th). You can get free shipping on your order as well just using the promo code "LMH" at checkout.