Nuts and chocolate

Well, good morning! I am going to go full blown “woo-woo” today, because this month I’m letting you in on the spiritual health branch in my work. The #soulfood. The, “how’s your heart?”

The expression that allows you to look up on a gorgeous day and just feel something you can’t quite put to words. 

What I know to be true is that I can be real practical and nerdy. But, I can also dip powerfully into the soul or source. I’ve been dipping for nearly 20 years, because it came to me during a time I needed healing. 

I wanted to feel empowered. I wanted to relish in the beauty that surrounds me. I wanted to feel something other than my brain and body working. I wanted to feel my soul. 

I wanted to know what a soul was…and, now we have more access than ever. Current day soul leaders like Danielle Laporte grace conversations, inboxes, and jam sessions worldwide of men and women digging deeper. Getting richer, in heart and soul. It’s awesome. 

A vital component of the work I do with mommas is focused on spiritual health that fits you individually. My personal definition is broad and in it’s rough draft form looks something like: 

Finding meaning in life; demonstrating individual purpose; connecting with spiritual practices and that help you feel good and living the life you want to live; daily rituals that become life-long habits. Having joy in your relationships. Love. Connection. Belonging. That you’re not in this alone. Listening to those little inner callings that actually produce big results and pull you in a direction that brings fulfillment and expansion; makes you feel you are of service whether it’s within family or in a bigger world. Learning deep belief in yourself so you can push through major life challenges with grace, love, and meaning.  

As this new week begins, may you play in the joy that is connection and love. Joy is not a limited resource. May you feel you belong right where you are; and if you don’t, may you find the strength within to reach out to someone you know has got your back. May you trust divinely that anything can happen on an ordinary day.

We, the tribe of the Mother Love, are here to pave a new path for each other and for moms in years to come. We are here to represent! I know some of you are connecting as collectives on your own because of this tribe, and I rarely say this but that makes me feel really proud. 

But you’re the one doing the work that helps you, other moms, and eventually your daughters and sons. So please, dig deep into the #soulfood pot, whatever that means for you, strengthen one another and keep going!! Mothers of the world need you. 

And just remember…Life will always be nuts, might as well dip them in chocolate. 

Love you lots,