One Wish. 39th Trip.

I had this post pre-written, twice actually, because this day is a cool day for me. It’s my 39th birthday, the last year of my 30’s. I remember my 30th birthday like no other. My friend’s threw me a blowout party where over 100 people came to celebrate in a small house with live music and Paella. My parents came and some of my best friends came. That night catapulted me into the most excellent and difficult decade I have lived, yet. 

The first post was really only for me…so I kept it and made it into my desktop picture. 

The second post was shorter and quicker and had talk of a boob lift. 

I hear the third time is a charm, and since it’s my 39th birthday, I’ll give that charm a try. 

The Mother Lovers around here are strong, independent and fierce. Before motherhood, you were crushing in your career, relationships, and the way you lived life. You helped out. You were curious. You blended work and life. You made shit happen. When you got the double line on the pregnancy test, whether you planned for a child or not, you all were in. Wholeheartedly. All in for the upcoming ride of your life. Birth was a blip on the radar compared to the months (and years) to follow.

What I’ve learned this first year of business is there is a common thread out there amongst mothers: developing your own style of mothering is equally important as having support to help you with all the adjustments of early motherhood. And, I am not talking about life-coaching help here since I’m not a life-coach. I’m talking about real, biological, and soulful help that gets you through more than the postpartum blues. Help that teaches you how to eat well while feeding a baby, deal with insane hormone changes, achieve some sleep and receive some physical training that helps you not pee your pants when you laugh. Help that feeds your soul. Help that challenges and embraces your brilliant mind. 

Remember the “Big Love” day when you looked at your newborn baby and you tried to tell her that it was your job to help her develop a trillion strong tools so she can handle the pain life throws her? Remember how it took longer than you imagined to find your way in developing your strong tools? Those were and probably still are really big, hard, awesome, loving days for you. And, that’s where I came in to help women heal in early motherhood and fill the white space that exists in modern day maternity care. 

Many of you tell me you’re grateful for my insight and tips in the newsletter (sign up in the sidebar). Some of you told me stories about how big your heart grew and how grounding it felt when you became a mom, an experience you totally didn't expect because you thought you'd have serious postpartum depression (PPD). Those of you who had PPD have shared that the small and growing Instagram community helped you a ton in navigating postpartum depression. My clients who are all wise, passionate, driven, and forward thinking modern moms thank me for helping them identify the little tweaks that lead to big changes in their lives. They tell me how my help has made them feel better in life simply by helping them create exercise routines that work and eating clean for a few months. Thank you for sharing your stories, over and over again. It's BIG love.  

For my birthday, I have one request. One wish. Please, this week reach out to one mom who is less fortunate than you. One woman who has less access to health, support, and soulful education as you. The kind of momma who needs a dose of The Mother Love. Give her a sweet little gift. If you’re at a loss for how to help: bring her a latte or tea and just listen to her story; offer to get her out on a walk or run together; take her to dinner - just the mommas - and talk about everything but motherhood, better yet do it with your lovers and talk about anything other than parenthood. Or my favorite, ask her, “How’s your heart?” Then give her the 30 minutes you have to help her out and share #themotherlove. 

2015 is my last year of my third decade. I want to have more fun with you. I want to create better things for The Mother Love, channel her needs in whatever manner she wants to continue to help her thrive and reach more women. My wish for The Mother Love is that she grows and grows and grows. I’ll do whatever it takes to help her get and ask for what she wants. 

Today is my birthday. The start of my 39th trip around the sun. To all of you who have reached out this past year, thank you. Thank you for stepping forward telling me what I’m doing for moms is needed and I must keep going. So, I do. It is by far the best gift to receive. 

Loving you strong! Stay cool forever.